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Bread is a universal item of food and one of the oldest prepared, dating back to the Neolithic era. Thus, it has always been referred to as the “Staff of Life”

Nowadays, with the high demand on quality bread and the contentious product trends in the food service industry, particularly bakeries, hotels, restaurants and contract caterers in particular are left to judge between ensuring consistent quality, managing costs and training specialists. Therefore, the concept of par-baked frozen bread is to provide a more convenient way that assists in producing a variety of fresh bread, consistent in taste, shape and requiring less preparation time. Consequently, this allows you more time to focus on your customers.

Taking into account our clients’ needs and the importance of producing a reliable brand, Sunbulah Group created a team of passionate experts who, know the sophisticated process involved in bread making, dedicated their skills and experience to bring to the industry a range of innovative products made from the highest quality ingredients.